Short Term Investment

Rental income

One of the main objectives of premium group is to offer you investment opportunities that can benefit you to the maximum. Real estate is one of few markets that provide maximum benefits to its investors. With your investments firstly you create a healthy cash flow and regular income, alongside building an equity for your future. Savings in the form of property helps you build protection against any future inflation and secures your capital in the form of a future home.

Keeping these benefits in context, premium group’s vision is to provide its customers with maximum investment opportunities with minimum initial capital starting from as low as 1 Million. With an initial investment of 1 million our company will provide you monthly rental income starting from 20,000 onwards depending on your investment capital. There are multiple projects in which we are providing investment and buying offers:

  1. 2% monthly rental income on the investment of 1 million

Our 1 bedroom apartment is available on very affordable price of 22 lac. On the initial down payment of 1 million, we provide you with 1-year monthly rental income of 20,000.

  1. 1% rental income on the initial investment starting from 2 million (Premium villas)

With a 4-year easy installment plan our smart villa can also be an opportunity for investment. On the initial down payment of 2 million our company will start providing you with 1% monthly rental income until possession of the property.

  1. 1% rental income on lump sum payment (premium villas/smart homes)

On lump sum payment for any of the available options, the customer will be provided with 1% monthly rental income until possession of the property.

Our investment projects have grabbed the attention of many investors and we are currently serving many of our customers in the form of rental income with our investment agreements. The rental agreements are fully secure with proper legal documentation and with timely delivered monthly income.