Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Premium Smart Homes and Premium Smart villas?
  2. Premium Smart Homes are 1 and 2 bed fully finished apartments where as Premium Smart Villas are 5 marla double storey villas with 3 bed.

  3. In what time will you provide possession of Premium Smart villas and Premium Smart Homes?
  4. Possession is provided in 1 year on lump sum payment and if you opt for installment plan then possession is provided after the completion of the plan.

  5. Where is new Lahore city located?
  6. It is located near main bahria town on main canal road.

  7. Is there any difference in prices on total payment and instalment plan?
  8. No, the total price is same in both cases.

  9. Is the society LDA approved?
  10. Yes it is LDA approved society.

  11. How many people living in new Lahore city?
  12. More than 500 houses are present in phase 1 and 2 and most of them are occupied with residents.

  13. Where will you provide smart homes and villas?
  14. Our project will be built in phase 3 of new Lahore city.

  15. What is Distance of New Lahore City from thokar niaz baig?
  16. Approximately 15-17 km from thokar niaz baig.

  17. Can we finance it through bank loan?
  18. No we do not support bank loan.

  19. Will you provide possession on down payment?
  20. Possession will be provided on completion of total amount.

  21. Can we customize payment plan accordingly?
  22. Yes our plans are time flexible and can be customized according to your needs.

  23. Do you have model house of Villas and apartments ?
  24. Our model villa is available and apartments are present in grey structure which will be finished in few months.

  25. What is rental income?
  26. Your investment with our company is rotated in our new projects and the profitability of those projects are shared with you with a fixed percentage in the form of monthly rental income.

  27. What are your security on rental agreements?

A whole year contract is provided with 12 postdated checks which can be cashed every month.